DARK PUPPET has a unique way to make your advertising stand out with the K2 display. The K2 display is the world’s biggest movable marketing display. How big? Think six stories high and 45 feet wide. We’re talking over 4,000 square feet of branding!
The K2 display is the only one of it’s kind in the States. It’s dramatic size captures consumer attention and dominates other advertisements. We can pair it with interactive gesture technology, proximity technology or mobile digital displays to wow even the most jaded consumers.
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The K2 display provides:

+Advertisers with an unbeatable way to rise above the clutter

+Grab consumer attention and be relevant at Award Shows, Sporting Events and Expos

+Use the K2 display to add eye-catching impact to your sponsorship — or, capture event traffic “ambush-style”

With it’s mobility and 15 minute installation and teardownthe K2 display can be used in multiple cities or locations on the same day. It’s great for Road Tours, too.  The K2 is best for short term event marketing.  (If you are looking for long term OOH media, check out our Spectacles Wallscapes.)
What’s the catch? There’s only one K2 display and it’s availability will book up fast so, lock in your flight dates as soon as you’ve got them. Contact Dark Puppet today for avails and pricing.
Let Dark Puppet work for you.  We provide unbelievable analytics, planning tools, and measurement when it comes to the K2 display.

AT&T video from Dark Puppet LLC on Vimeo.