Spectacular Wallscapes

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Wallscapes have a lot of different names but they all mean the biggest and best out of home advertising media in the business.  People are complacent with billboards, but you can’t avoid thousands of square feet of creative advertising space with building wrap wallscapes.

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Dark Puppet Wallscapes-

Turn huge buildings and commercial structures into some of the largest displays in the country. Our wallscapes are located in the top markets on highest trafficked streets, intersections and within viewing distance of sport venues allowing you to reach your demographics.

Dark Puppet has some of the largest wallscapes in the United States. We have displays in all 10 top markets –  contact us today to get a full list of inventory in each DMA.

Bigger is better with building wrap wallscapes… let us prove it.

Dark Puppet’s wallscapes provide our clients with the ability to deliver a message that can’t be turned off.  More importantly, we deliver the most successful platform for brand awareness in the country.

Whether it is our 30,000 sq foot wall on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles or a 13,000 sq ft wall in downtown Dallas, our WallScapes provide the reach and frequency to target specific demographics and neighborhoods while reaching the masses.

  • Cleary visible for miles
  • Over 50 million people pass our locations each month
  • Best in class installation and printing
  • Some of the largest in each market
  • Premier locations in highest traffic and most popular areas
  • Stand out amongst the crowd